A thoughtful gift for someone special

A thoughtful gift for someone special

I love creating really thoughtful, personal gifts – that show a lot of care and consideration has gone into the purchase.

I have some clients who regularly commission me to create lighting pieces as wedding gifts for their friends and family using the flowers from the wedding bouquet.

With the collaboration of the bridesmaids, who manage to get hold of the brides bouquet without her realizing, I then press the bouquet into the porcelain and create a bespoke piece of lighting as a wedding gift.

Flowers impressed into porcelain clay

I discuss with my clients about colour choices and application of the textures. Sometimes they haven’t been inside the recipient’s house so we have lots of fun working out what we think the couple would like based on what my clients know about the bride and groom’s personalities and general tastes.

Detail of Large Lamp - fields of joy

One time we were discussing how to lay the bouquet of flowers on the lighting piece. I wanted to know if they would like them laid as if growing up the lamp - in the style of an ordered garden.

It transpired through conversation that the wife had quite a firey temperament and between us we decided that it would be better if I laid the flowers in the porcelain as if they were blowing in the wind, as that would suit the mood of the couple best.

The bride and groom are always surprised and deeply touched with their personalised wedding gift and the effort taken to create something unique for them.

You don’t need to bring me the exact flowers from the wedding, you can simply tell me which flowers to use and I can take it from there.

You can have as little or as much part in the creative process as you like.

Large Fields of Joy lamp

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