How to choose the right size lighting piece

How to choose the right size lighting piece

When buying or commissioning a lamp or pendant shade there are a few things to consider. In this blog article we will talk about where you might need lighting and what size it should it be.

The first question is - where do you need light within your room?

Do you want something that hangs above your favourite chair, to read by, or are you mainly interested in admiring your lighting piece from the sofa?

Into the Blue small lamp & Maris the cat

For example in the dining room you could have a line of pendants over the table – that way the food on the table is illuminated and you get to enjoy your pendant shades whilst eating your dinner.

In the living room you might have a couple of lamps on the mantle piece, either side of the fireplace, whereby you turn on the lamps and that is your signal to relax.

Large cowparsley Lamp on mantle piece above fireplace

If you are finding it difficult to visualise what size pendant shades or lamps you want, one of my favourite short cuts is to have a go with some paper first:

1, Get a large piece of paper (could be newspaper/card/old packaging)

2, Cut, then roll and tape together your piece of paper to the size of the lamp / pendant shade that you think you want.

Rolling paper to help get the size right

3, Now place your cylinder where you think it should go in the room. In the case of a pendant shade, you will need to sellotape your paper cylinder to the light fitting / shade that is currently there. If the fittings aren’t in place yet, get someone to hold it where you think you would like it to hang.

Trying out paper shade idea

4, Stand back, and look at it from different angles.

5, Don’t be afraid to chop up the cylinder if you think it is too big, or to add a panel if you think it is too small.

Some important things to consider when deciding where to put a pendant shade: Are there any doors opening nearby that might bash it? Eg in a corridoor above the front door? Or in a kitchen near a high cupboard.

Small Autumnal Lamp above door

Is your pendant shade high enough that one of your tall friends won’t bash their head on it? If not, consider having the cable shortened or having a slightly smaller shade.

Large gingko pendant shade and ceiling rose

Maybe this is just my bête noir but if you are sitting in the sitting room or lying in bed - is the pendant shade or lamp at the right height so that you aren’t glaring at a bare bulb?

Large Blossom pendant shade above bed

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