'Made by Ria' - Handmade soaps made in St Leonards.

'Made by Ria' - Handmade soaps made in St Leonards.

I had been dreaming about having some beautiful handmade soaps to sell alongside my handmade porcelain soap dishes when I was introduced to Ria's soaps. I loved the handmade sculptural quality of the soaps, which really complements the natural forms of my porcelain work. I also loved the natural smells of the 8 different soaps in the range. I was especially pleased to find someone who was producing them locally. Seeing the soaps with my porcelain soap dishes made me realise they were a perfect match for the shop.

I was curious about Ria's inspiration and what drew her to soap making. She says she was lucky enough to spend her childhood visiting the beach with her mum, where she collected many interesting treasures and established a love of nature. She would take her treasures home and have fun creating things with them. As she grew up her thirst for creating became a constant driver in her life.

It was creativity that nurtured her when in 2016 she found herself looking for something new. She says "There were a lot of stressful factors in my life which I needed an escape from."

Escaping to her kitchen Ria started to explore the magical world of soap making.

She quickly realised it was not just the process of making that excited her but also the joy of using a product on her skin that was made using sustainably sourced, carefully chosen environmentally friendly ingredients.

We are very pleased to announce that on Friday 12th November we will be launching Ria's range of beautiful handmade soaps here in our shop at Pelham’s fine furniture & ceramics.

Come and discover them for yourself. Gift wrapped soaps are £5 each.
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