My Inspiration behind 'Only Connect'

My Inspiration behind 'Only Connect'

In January I decided I was going to apply to the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition. This year the theme is ‘Only Connect’ which is a quote from EM Forster’s novel Howard’s End. 

'Only connect' for me is a big subject as I believe we are all connected. My initial thoughts for this project were about the connections between people - positive and negative, and how these forces shift. In some relationships they may jostle with each other on a daily basis.

When making this piece I was thinking about lots of different connections: Connections between people - Personal and global connections. I was also thinking about the connection between the land and the sea.

Once the piece was illuminated I could see patterns in the surface of the porcelain that made me think of shooting stars, or looking at the sky through a very strong telescope. This in turn made me think about our connection with space and the Universe and reinforces my belief that everything is connected; Humans, Animals, Earth, Sea, Sky and beyond what we can see - into outer space.

On Friday, 24th March, I will be celebrating having taken part in this process - Join me for a glass of fizz from 4pm - 7.30pm.

Come and see the piece that I created for the Royal Academy Exhibition and some other new pieces that have yet to be shown publicly.

I will also be announcing whether I got through to the next round of judging....

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