The power of a personalized gift.

The power of a personalized gift.

Some of my favourite presents are handmade – a thought out, hand made card from one of my children.

Or a painting or hand thrown bowl that someone has carefully chosen for me, knowing what colours and styles I like. Sometimes they haven’t known exactly what I’d like but they’ve taken a punt and surprised me with something new. This I’ve really enjoyed and appreciated too because it has introduced me to new work and allowed me to appreciate new styles.

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There is something about receiving a handmade gift that makes me feel extra special. It shows care and thought - it makes me feel loved. When you give a thoughtful and considered present the receiver not only enjoys their gift - every time they look at it they think of you and it gives them pleasure.

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People often make a close symbolic connection with the natural environment surrounding them. I love the stories behind my clients’ choice of textures and colours.

A family several years ago brought me some leaves and branches from a magnificent willow tree in the garden of their family home.

They were faced with leaving it behind forever, an emotional wrench, so they wanted me to make a pendant shade to remind them of sitting under this impressive tree.

In the making process I couldn’t decide whether the pendant shade would look better with the leaves hanging down the shade or going up – so I decided to make both so that the client could choose.

In the end the clients couldn’t decide which they preferred, so the daughter who commissioned me took one shade and the parents who the commission was originally for took the other shade.

The daughter seemed doubly happy that not only had she bought a very special present for her parents, but she had also inadvertently managed to get a very special present for herself too.

It was a wonderful outcome for all concerned.


If you need to get a present for someone I can help you choose something really special. You can steer the design process as much or as little as you wish. Tell me what inspires you - we can discuss the textures, colours, sizes and create something truly personal and unique.

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