4 people around a table working with porcelain clay

Workshops - be an artist for the day

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be an artist?

Maybe you wished you had taken a more creative path in your career? Or perhaps you just need a break and would like to have a go at making something in clay….?

I run workshops where you get to experience the fun part of being an artist.

These workshops are usually run over 2 consecutive Saturdays and are for a mix of ages and abilities.

On the first Saturday I teach you how to make whatever you want in porcelain clay. This is usually from my range of work using my porcelain paperclay. There is time for experimentation, making mistakes and trying out new techniques.

 Children and adults making ceramics at a table

The work is then fired and the subsequent Saturday you learn how to glaze your work. You get to choose the colours you want to use and I show you some different ways to apply them. Your work is then fired again and is usually ready for collection the following week.

 Porcelain clay impressed with flowers and stars

My approach to teaching is very much about sharing knowledge and enabling people to be creative without the contsricting fear of failure. I like to encourage people to follow their creative path and to find things that inspire them. If someone is struggling I believe in helping them (through explanation and encouragement) as much as possible, without actually doing the work for them.

People book to come on their own or with friends and family members. Either way there is always a friendly and warm atmosphere. We often have really interesting conversations covering all manner of topics from the minutiae of what is going on in our lives to art, music and what is happening globally. If you would like to learn more about other people’s experience of taking part in one of my workshops have a look at this article in the Hastings Independent.

Glazing soap dish

My students come away from their session feeling lighter and happier: They have escaped the daily chores and work and the kids have had a fun break away from the screens and school stresses. They have all spent some time doing something completely different and learning new skills. The bonus at the end of the workshop is they have something that they have made themselves and are proud of – either to keep as a memory of a fun event, or to gift to someone special. View upcoming Workshops

 Student's pendant shade in situ



"I walked into Liz's studio/shop one day whilst recovering from a back injury. I had noticed that she was running workshops working with porcelain clay made to her own unique recipe - I was intrigued. Porcelain clay is notoriously difficult to work with, I'd heard, but her techniques and teaching methods are easy to follow even for the most inexperienced. Her classes are relaxing and fun, and I was able to forget the pain I was experiencing whilst lost in the creative process.
Liz encourages people to develop their own style so that all pieces are unique, and rather lovely. I took a friend along who said she hadn't a creative bone in her body. She produced a real gem - needless to say, she was delighted". - NIkki (St Leonards)

"Thank you again for a lovely workshop and for your gentle guidance and encouragement...works for me!" – Maureen (Kent)

"Liz was recommended to me while I was searching for a craft activity to do for my cousin’s hen party and I am extremely delighted she was. Liz was extremely accommodating and tailored our clay modelling experience perfectly. She was patient and helped to bring out our inner creative side. In addition Liz's artwork is beautiful. We had a great afternoon and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to do a fun group activity. Thank you Liz!!!" - Nerina (London)



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