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'Queen Anne's Lace' tall tealight - vase

'Queen Anne's Lace' tall tealight - vase

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This tall porcelain tealight-vase has been impressed with cowparsley flowers collected in the local countryside. It has been glazed in different shades of greens and browns that accentuate the texture of the flowers.

When a tea light candle is placed inside the night light it creates a beautiful flickering effect in any room. Perfect to illuminate a romantic dinner for two.

As a vase this porcelain vessel creates an elegant central table display.

The colour of porcelain night lights may vary slightly from the image shown. There is a natural variation as different environments effect the light levels emitted through the porcelain.

Natural cream porcelain body with brown and green glazes.

W:9cm x D:9.5cm x H:25.6cm

All items are carefully packaged in bubble wrap and strong cardboard to ensure safe transportation.

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