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Fields of Joy - Large Lamp

Fields of Joy - Large Lamp

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This porcelain lamp has been impressed with grasses that I have collected whilst walking in the East Sussex countryside. The glaze colours have been inspired by feelings of intense joy.

The colours of the porcelain lamp change throughout the day, depending on the different light levels in the room. When lit the lamp emits an ethereal glow, converting the surface decoration into textures of light. The different grasses are accentuated by the light shining through the surface of the lamp. When off the lamp becomes a sculptural piece, rich with subtle surface pattern and colour.

This lamp is ideal as a statement piece for the home. It creates a warm atmosphere, perfect for relaxing in the evening or to add lighting ambiance to a romantic meal.

Natural cream porcelain backdrop with yellow, red, green and blue glazes

W: 22cm x D: 15cm x H: 44.4cm

All items are double packed in bubble wrap and cardboard to ensure safe transportation.

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