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Underwater Lamp - Large

Underwater Lamp - Large

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The ‘Underwater lamp’ has been designed to transport the viewer away from the everyday. It is reminiscent of the sea with its use of seaweed and glaze colours. The colours of the porcelain lamp change throughout the day, depending on the different light levels in the room. When lit the lamp emits an ethereal glow, converting the surface decoration into textures of light. The various shapes of the seaweed are accentuated by the light shining through the surface of the lamp. When off the lamp becomes a sculptural piece, rich with subtle surface pattern and colour.

This lamp has been impressed with seaweed that I have collected on the beach infront of the the De La Warr Pavilion in Bexhill on sea. It was a windy and cold February morning and I was out walking with the family. We saw the seaweed lying on the beach having been washed up by the waves. I was immediately attracted to the shape and patterns of the seaweed fronds. I wanted to see what would happen when I pressed the seaweed into the porcelain clay. I have then used glaze stains to accentuate the texture of the seaweed and two crystalline glazes to add to the watery underwater feel. This piece has had 4 firings at different temperatures.

Natural porcelain body with light & dark blues and greens.

W: 20.6cm x D:17.5cm x H: 45.1cm

All items are double packed in bubble wrap and strong cardboard to ensure safe transportation.

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