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Lava - Small

Lava - Small

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This small porcelain lamp has been impressed with a variety of lentils and glazed red. I wanted to make a lamp that gave out a really hot red glow, something reminiscent of lava or a hearth fire. As a child I was fascinated when my Dad use to build fires in our sitting room hearth. I loved looking at the dancing colours, the movement of the flames and feeling the heat from the fire on my face. This is one of the major inspirations behind my desire to make porcelain lighting that creates a warm effect in any room.

The colour of porcelain lamps may vary slightly from the image shown. There is a natural variation as different environments effect the light levels emitted through the porcelain.

Pinky-red body

H:27.5cm x W:17cmx D:20cm

All items are double packed in bubble wrap and strong cardboard to ensure safe transportation.

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