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Porcelain tiles - Long Grasses, cobalt blue

Porcelain tiles - Long Grasses, cobalt blue

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This tile panel has been inlaid with a variety of grasses and plants and then glazed cobalt blue. When I made this tile panel I wanted to create the impression of a warm summers day. The grass seeds in the background give a feeling of the movement of the breeze. 

If you are thinking about commissioning a tile panel email me your thoughts, give me a call, or drop into our shop so we can go through your ideas.

We can create something really personal for you.

I can help you choose colours, textures and sizes based on your specific needs. Your design can reflect the flowers or plants from your garden - so you might be looking out of the bathroom window into your garden and then turn around to see your favourite flowers or plants reflected in your tile splashback. Some people have flowers or lace from their wedding or other life events immortalised in their tiles. I can offer consultation by phone, email or even a personal meeting at our shop in St Leonards.

Prices from £45 per tile (aprox) dependant on size and quantity

Tiles inlaid with grasses and glazed blue. These tiles aprox 15cm x 15cm

All tiles are suitable for bathroom and kitchen usage. Porcelain is a durable material and perfect for tiles.

All items are carefully packed in bubble wrap and strong cardboard for safe transportation.

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