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Queen Anne's Lace 'Cover Pot'

Queen Anne's Lace 'Cover Pot'

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This porcelain 'Cover Pot' has been designed to cover up the ugly plastic pots that our plants are grown in. It has been impressed with cowparsley flowers collected from our local woods. The sight of these flowers makes me happy as it is a signifier that summer is here, so I have used bright joyful colours to reflect that feeling. 

Choose your Cover Pot to go with your favourite house plant. Place your plant (still inside its plastic pot) into the 'Cover Pot' and relax whilst looking at your beautiful plant.

Your Cover pot will hold water without marking your furniture. It has small raised areas on the inside base, so your plant doesn't have to sit in water.

Natural cream porcelain body with blue, green, red and yellow glaze colours. 

W:16cm x D:15cm x H:13cm

All items are carefully packaged in bubble wrap and strong cardboard to ensure safe transportation.

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