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Queen Anne's Lace - Slim

Queen Anne's Lace - Slim

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These three slim pendant shades are part of a new body of work in Liz's porcelain lighting collection. They are slimmer than other lighting pieces she has made to date. 

They have been impressed with Queen Anne's Lace that she has collected from local woodland here in St Leonards and then glazed using clear glaze, stains and oxides.                                      

These pendants have been designed to work in a group or individually. They would look great in a dining area - over a dining room table creating a warm relaxing glow when lit. Easy on the eye, with directed light straight onto the eating area.

The colour of the porcelain lamps may vary slightly from the image shown. There is a natural variation in the lighting as different environments effect the light levels emitted through the porcelain.    

Pink, Green, sepia, mazie yellow and red on a natural porcelain background.         

H: 30cm x W: 12cm x D: 13cm (aprox)

Each Pendant shade is £210

All items are double packed in bubble wrap and cardboard to ensure safe transportation.

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