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Seaweed Tree - Large Lamp

Seaweed Tree - Large Lamp

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This porcelain lamp has been impressed with seaweed that we found on the beach whilst out for a family walk one Sunday. Geoff found the piece of seaweed and we both saw how it looked exactly like a tree. I was immediately inspired to impress it into porcelain and to turn it into a lamp.

The brightness of this porcelain lamp changes throughout the day, depending on the different light levels in the room. When lit the lamp emits an ethereal glow, converting the surface decoration into textures of light. When not illuminated the lamp becomes a solid sculptural piece, and the tree pattern is accentuated by the sepia glaze.

This lamp is ideal for a living room area. It creates a warm relaxed atmosphere, perfect for when you want to relax after work and unwind from the days toil.

Natural cream porcelain backdrop with the addition of sepia and subtle blue and green glazes.

W: 19cm x D: 17cm x H: 45cm

All items are double packed in bubble wrap and cardboard to ensure safe transportation.

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