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Hot Fuschia Lamp - Small

Hot Fuschia Lamp - Small

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This porcelain lamp has been inlaid with fuchsia flowers that I have collected from our garden here in St Leonards on sea. I was fascinated by the structure of the fuchsia flower and it’s complexity. It seemed more like a fiery creature than a flower. I have mixed a glaze stain into the clay body which creates a hot red colour when the lamp is illuminated. When turned off the lamp transforms into a very subtle pink colour.

The colours of the porcelain lamp change throughout the day, depending on the different light levels in the room. When lit the lamp emits an ethereal glow, converting the surface decoration into textures of light. The fuchsia flowers are accentuated by the light shining through the porcelain. They become very three dimensional and look like little figures dancing across the surface of the lamp. When off the lamp becomes a sculptural piece, rich with subtle surface pattern and colour.

This lamp is perfect to go in the sitting room on a shelf, or by the sofa for reading or as a bedside lamp. It creates a warm relaxed atmosphere, perfect for unwinding at the end of a busy day.

Pinky-red body

W: 18.5cm x D: 16cm x H: 29.5cm


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